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The Behavioural & Sensory Ecology Lab


Dr. Jim Barnett (he/him)

Assistant Professor in Zoology

Email:     jbarnett [at]


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Jim is a behavioural ecologist interested in the evolution and conservation of biodiversity.  He uses visual ecology in the field and laboratory to understand how animals perceive their surroundings, synthesise complex multimodal information to make decisions, and interact with both conspecifics and heterospecifics.

Jim did his PhD at the University of Bristol (UK) and held postdoctoral positions at McGill University (QC, Canada), McMaster University (ON, Canada), and the University of Helsinki (Finland).

Postgraduate Researchers


Brendan McEwen (he/him)

PhD Candidate (2018 - )

Based at McMaster University, Canada

Email:     mceweb1 [at]

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Brendan is interested in the evolution of imperfect mimicry and  is working with poison frogs to ask how multiple functions of colour (warning signals, mimicry, & camouflage) interact with behaviour. Brendan's research includes field and computer-based experiments to explore how this interaction differs between model and mimic and how different defences are employed at different life stages.

Brendan is based in Prof Reuven Dukas' lab at  McMaster University (ON, Canada) and is co-advised by Prof Justin Yeager at Universidad de las Americas Quito (Ecuador).

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